I'll Drive It - The Driving Instructor i-phone App.
Initial set up for 
I'll Drive It 
Initial Set Up of the App.

On loading the app for the first time, you will have to perform certain tasks to make the i'll drive it app
ready for use.

Select Set up from the primary menu (the other options will be available once you have completed the
set up procedure).

Before you can use the ill-drive-it app, you will need to provide it with some company, instructor and
student information.

Set Up.

Top Tip!! - The i'll drive it app uses the Contacts database that comes as one of the standard features
of your iPhone. In order to provide the app with the Company, Instructor and Student information, these
details must first be entered into the Contacts database.

When entering information into the Contacts database, remember that the app sends its results out by
way of e-mail and therefore you must provide a valid e-mail address for your Company, Yourself and
for each Student.

If you are an independent Instructor and do not operate as part of a company, then you can use your
own contact details when company information is called for.
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