StopOMeter - The New Driver iPhone App. StopOMter - The new driver stopping distance iPhone app.
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StopOMeter - new driver stopping distance / speed iPhone app. What exactly is a Stop-O-Meter?

The Highway Code states quite clearly that “you should never drive so fast that you cannot stop comfortably on your own side of the road within the distance you can see to be clear”. This is very sound, but not very practical advice, unless you know the stopping distance for every speed that you are likely to travel at.

Experienced drivers will have covered many miles before they began to understand the relationship between speed of travel and the distance
(and time) required for them to come to a stop. As a new driver, you do
not have the luxury of covering many miles over many years to learn this relationship as for safety’s sake, you need to know this information now!

All cars are required to have a speedometer fitted, which is all well and
good apart from the fact that a speedometer provides hardly any safety information, least of all the crucially important information about stopping distances. This rather strange state of affairs has persisted for many years, until now....

Stop-O-Meter was designed to provide new drivers with the all important speed/stopping distance and time information in an easy to understand format so that you can easily see if you can stop comfortably on your own side of the road within the distance you can see to be clear.
StopOMeter - new driver app. The Stop-O-Meter

The Stop-O-Meter is designed to give you information as to the time and distance required for you to bring your car to a complete halt from its current speed.

With the Stop-O-Meter set in the dominant screen position, you will see the display change as you accelerate gently away. The large number tells you the number of metres (or feet) it will take you to bring the car to a halt from that speed and the smaller number will tell you the amount of time in seconds that it will require.

As well as giving you a visual indication of your stopping distance and time, the
Stop-O-Meter will give you an aural indication as well. Simply touch the display
in the centre and the app will give you a countdown to zero with a tone sounding
for every second. The final tone is longer than the preceding ones.
StopOMeter - new driver app with eco driving indicator. Eco Driving indicator

The Eco Driving indicator allows you to evaluate the smoothness of your driving
as well as your anticipation and planning for approaches to junctions etc.

Before using the indicator, it will be wise to confirm the current settings by
pressing i > Settings. The option you are interested in is the slider that goes
between Hard and Easy. The central oval will change size from small at the hardest setting to quite large on the easiest.  For first time use, it is recommended to put
the slider halfway between the hard and easy settings, to give yourself the opportunity of slowly easing yourself into being a skilled eco driver.

The object of the exercise when driving is to keep the ball within the boundary of
the oval by controlling your vehicle as smoothly as possible. Accelerating, braking
or cornering harshly will cause the blue ball to be pushed outside the oval. When
this happens a bell is sounded to warn you that your driving is below the required standard. As you continue driving, a boundary trace is created which shows the direction and quantity of the exceedence of the parameters. The instant feedback afforded by The Eco Driving indicator will help you to fully understand the
importance of smooth driving in much less time than would normally be the case.
StopOMeter - new driverstopping distance / speed app.

The speedometer display works from the iPhone’s on-board GPS unit and
before it is used, it needs to be corrected to match the display on your
cars speedometer.

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     StopOMeter - The new driver iPhone app.
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