StopOMeter - The New Driver iPhone App. StopOMter - The new driver stopping distance iPhone app.
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StopOMeter - user interface for new driver app. The Stop-O-Meter user interface.

There are three areas of interest on the Stop-O-Meter screen.

In the top left of the screen is the HUD selector. A HUD is a Head-Up
Display where, usually on fighter jets, crucial information is projected
onto the windscreen in front of the pilot. By touching the HUD button, the screen display can be reversed, so that it can be reflected in the car windscreen. Next to the HUD button are the orientation arrows. Touching these swivels the display through 90 degrees each time. By careful use
of the HUD and orientation buttons, you can position your iPhone on the
top dashboard and no matter which way round the iPhone is the display reflection will always be correctly oriented towards you.

In the Bottom left of the screen is the i or Information button. Touch this to access information about the Stop-O-Meter and change and adjust the various settings. Full details of the various settings and how you can
change them will be found later on in the help document.

Next to the i button is the Centre button which places the Eco Driver trace
ball in the centre of the boundary oval. Use this every time you reposition
the Stop-O-Meter in your car.
The majority of the screen is taken up with one of three displays, the Stop-O-Meter, the Eco Driver or the Speedometer. The desired display can be brought to the dominant position on the screen by touching either one of the smaller displays. No matter which display is in the dominant position, the other displays will continue to give you visual information. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the various on-screen operations and functions before you use the Stop-O-Meter in your car.
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